Colombo Conferences Pvt Ltd. successfully organized the NLEAP Symposium, a landmark event on language rights in Sri Lanka.

Colombo Conferences Pvt Ltd. successfully organized the NLEAP Symposium, a landmark event on language rights in Sri Lanka, at the Galle Face Hotel on July 11th and 12th, 2023. The symposium was part of the National Languages and Equality Development Programme (NLEAP), which aims to promote the use of official languages and the recognition of minority languages in Sri Lanka.

The event was graced by the Honorable Mr. Dinesh Gunawardena, the Prime Minister of Democratic Social Department of Sri Lanka, who delivered the keynote address. He emphasized the importance of language as a tool for social cohesion and national unity, and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to implement the language policy and the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

The event also featured speeches by Mr. Michel Emblem, the Director of NLEAP, and Mr. Erik Volze, the Candia Higher Commisner of Sri Lanka and Maldives. They highlighted the achievements and challenges of NLEAP, and expressed their appreciation for the collaboration and support of various stakeholders in advancing the language rights agenda.

The symposium attracted more than 250 participants from diverse backgrounds and sectors, such as Members of Parliament and Youth Parliament, University Lecturers and Students, Media members, Ministry members and other organizations. The participants engaged in lively discussions and debates on various topics related to language rights, such as language policy implementation, language education, language media, language diversity and inclusion, language technology and innovation, and language advocacy and activism.

The symposium also showcased some of the best practices and initiatives of NLEAP, such as the Language Audit Tool, the Language Resource Centre, the Language Facilitators Network, the Language Rights Champions Programme, and the Language Rights Awards. The symposium also provided an opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing among the participants, as well as feedback and recommendations for future actions.

Colombo Conferences Pvt Ltd. was responsible for all aspects of event management for the NLEAP Symposium, from planning to execution. The company provided services such as venue selection and booking, catering and refreshments, registration and logistics, audio-visual equipment and technical support, branding and publicity, photography and videography, security and protocol, evaluation and reporting. The company ensured that the event was conducted smoothly and professionally, adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Colombo Conferences Pvt Ltd. is proud to have been part of this historic event that celebrated and promoted the language rights of all Sri Lankan citizens. The company looks forward to organizing more events that contribute to the social and economic development of Sri Lanka.

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