Colombo Conferences executes DFCC Bank’s 65th AGM virtually

The Bank for Everyone, DFCC Bank, hosted its 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM) the ‘Digitally Yours’ seamlessly on a virtual platform and the event was managed and executed by Colombo Conferences (Private) Limited. 

This was the second consecutive year the company managed the event virtually for DFCC Bank. In 2020 for the first time DFCC Bank hosted their 64th AGM & EGM virtually adhering to the COVID 19 regulations to stop the spread. The event was chaired by the Chairman MR. J Gunaratna and board of directors physically attended from the DFCC Bank Head Office Auditorium whilst the shareholders joined on a virtual platform aligned to Bank’s goal of being the most customer centric and digitally enabled bank by 2025. 

The virtual AGM facilitated shareholders to interact with the proceedings and vote remotely online. The vote system which was developed by Colombo Conferences (Private) Limited facilitates users to vote seamlessly and produces instant results with secure access and tracked delivery whilst maintaining complete confidentiality.

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