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09 reasons why you should not select Sri Lanka as your next event destination?

Here are 09 reasons why you should not to select Sri Lanka to host your next event;

1. Venues

Selecting the ideal venue in Sri Lanka is tough! You will be lost in too many amazing options! Yes, you did read that right. Sri Lanka has some of the best beaches in the world,stunning hotels and resorts with breathtaking views and so much more. This makes it ideal for any event or tour.  Selecting the best out of so many great options is the major challenge.

2. Accommodation

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka as a large group it’s very difficult to book accommodation for an entire group in the same hotel because hotels are usually full or do not have enough rooms available as they are already booked. This is even more difficult during the tourist season in Sri Lanka which is usually from November to March. If you really want to host your event here, you have to reserve the accommodation and venues in advance but trust me, it will definitely be worth it!

3. Food & Beverages

You will be fat! You are going to be confused when picking the best restaurant or preferred cuisines. Sri Lanka has varieties of restaurants with varieties of cuisines and so many choices of dishes and drinks to pick! You simply wouldn’t get enough of each! You might gain few pounds but hey! It’s not always that you get the chance to get great food every where you go.

4. Accessibility

Sri Lanka is such a small island and yet has two airports just to make it so convenient for it’s tourists to build two airports across such a small country!

There are public buses and trains with or without A/C to travel anywhere across the island and tuk tuks to travel anywhere you want which is one of the highlights of any traveler’s experience of a Sri Lanka tour. These travel options are surprisingly very affordable.

You can also download travel apps such as Uber or the local version of it, PickMe to book a cab of your choice or simply a Tuk tuk as well.

5. Facilities & amenities

What’s even worse about Sri Lanka is that here, You have the ability to simply get anything done without a hassle in no time.

Financial Services -If it’s about exchanging your currency you can either get it done from the airport counter or just visit any commercial bank available anywhere in the country. ATM’s are available in every city.

Medical Services – Government owned and Private hospitals are available in almost every city. Most of the drug stores and pharmacies are open 24/7. Small clinics are available everywhere in the country with qualified doctors.

Shops – You can find so many small shops everywhere you go and also supermarkets in almost every city to buy what you need. Malls are located in big cities such as Kandy and Colombo. Souvenir shops are available island wide as well.

6. Entertainment

Selecting entertainment is such an important part of an event. This is the glow up highlight of the event. Selecting the right entertainment to suit your type of event is very important.

Again here in Sri Lanka, there’s way too much of options to leave you puzzled when selecting the best of too many great options. It could have been so much easier to decide with lesser options. You can select in no time without any confusions right?

If I were to tell you about some of the most popular local entertainment;

  • Devil & Mask Dances – Yes, this one is fancy and crazy fun to watch! They look scary yet beautiful! Huge costumes and an extravagant masked dancers just dance off to traditional drum beats.
  • Fire Dances – No they aren’t making fire to dance, but they are dancing with fire! You can experience people lighting them in fire or even swallowing a baton of fire without getting hurt! They say it’s a God’s blessing, I don’t really doubt that either when I watch!
  • Cultural Dances – Sri lanka has a unique history and culture that they have carried forward from generations to present. Cultural dances are a part of it which was the entertainment from way back in the times of the kings and queens who ruled the island. These dance acts tells the cultural stories and the dancers are beautifully dressed accordingly bringing culture and history to life.

There’s so much more I could go on about but I guess, I’ll leave it for another time.


7. Sightseeing & leisure 

Here are too many places to visit. Too many places to go shopping and way too much to buy! You can’t simply stop eating when you go out for a walk or drive because there’s too many great places to eat! There are so much to do and visit but simply not enough time which is the worst!

Furthermore, Colombo is like the hub for anything and also for entertainment! You can various places to visit for entertainment including the nightlife there. So many clubs, pubs, hang out spots, parks and various other entertainment activities for anyone staying a night or two in Colombo.

8. Support from local authorities

Everyone knows how hectic this is and just like anywhere else it’s the same in Sri Lanka! You don’t get enough support from local authorities for events while having to go through much procedures or hectic paperwork work that takes forever. However at Colombo Conferences we go through this trouble and get it done for you.

9. Event Companies

Okay, the hardest from the list. We all know that success of any event is depending on the experience of the event management. Yes, there are plenty of event planners and event management companies but it’s always best to put your event in the safest hands.
Luckily we got this, Colombo Conferences, an award wining event company in Sri Lanka is ready to make your concepts into reality…We ensure everything is at your finger tips and you wouldn’t have to make an effort to “look for things” at all.

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