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Conduct your Virtual Events and Virtual AGM’s with confidence

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, In-person Marketing, Conferences & destination Weddings along with all other events planned has been postponed to prevent and reduce the spread of Covid-19 that could affect health & safety of all individuals,

At present the only way forward seems to be Virtual Events due to widespread lock-downs & Travel Restrictions throughout the world,

Planning and managing virtual events is quite challenging. Event planners will need to deepen their technical skills, understand the types of tools and systems involved, In order to make that Virtual event more interactive & Successful.

Colombo Conferences (Private) Limited have all assets along with in-house Technical producers who are experts, in dealing with AV equipment, live streaming, etc.

Whether you’ve chosen to prerecord your sessions or present live, we can walk you through all the scenarios & exceptions that can occur when hosting a virtual event, and help companies, speakers, and moderators set themselves up for a high quality presentation assured by the company Director Mr.Prageeth Hewagey of Colombo Conferences,

Secured Voting Software

The company has also introduced H2BIS online voting system allowing shareholders to interact with the proceedings and cast their votes remotely. H2BIS online voting system provides flexible solutions for voting with instant results. The platform provides highly secured voting with detailed reports generated for future references and auditing purposes,

Building Confidence

We add an exceptional virtual experience to your agenda, guiding you on how to keep both prerecorded and live videos looking professional at its best.

Colombo Conferences has already conducted many virtual AGM’s, Award Ceremonies and many other interactive events for public listed companies, banks which was halted due to this epidemic.

To conduct your next virtual event contact Dino Perera – +94715633399

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