University of Colombo partners with Colombo Conferences to host IFITT Talks

The International Federation for Information Technology and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) actively supports
deal with topics related to Information and Communication Technologies in the travel and tourism,
leisure, hospitality and events context.

Within this topical context the main IFITT talk workshops is to spark conversations, introduce new
approaches, stay informed, find strategic partners and network, transfer knowledge between academia
and the industry or position an organization/ community/ group/ person.

In October 2016, Department Economics at University of Colombo hosted IFITT talks at Colombo on the
theme of “Modern ICT for Interactive Tourism Learning and Education”. IFITTtalk@Colombo won the
best IFITTtalk 2015 award during the enter 2016 conference held in Biblao, Spain on the 6 th February
2016. The event was successfully coordinated and organized by event management company, Colombo

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