HSBC holds RCOE 2018 & MENAT Awards in Sri Lanka

HSBC holds RCOE 2018 – MENAT

HSBC Dubai held their annual conference/ gathering and awards night at the Shangri -La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa. RCOE 2018 was held on the 2nd – 5th of April 2019.  A three day conference followed by dinner and entertainment was the event flow each day of the conference. This was a four day event along with the day of arrival.


Day 01: Arrival & Welcome

The first day was the arrival of 300 delegates in four different groups that arrived the Bandaranaike International Airport. Four graceful Sri Lankan pooja dancers welcomed them.


Then, again welcomed at the  Shangri – La Hambantota separately one after the other  beautifully by Sri Lankan dancers who performed the traditional welcome dance. This was a energetic and very interactive performance by the dancers in elegant traditional outfits. An amazingly energetic crowd who even danced along with dancers to the drum beats by the Lankan drummer.  Thereafter, a simple welcome dinner.

Day 02: Conference

The second day was their conference. A Batik dress counter was put up with varities of different designs and colors of the traditional Sri Lankan outfits. They picked their outfit for that night’s Sri Lankan themed outdoor dinner! It was an uncontrollable excitement in them to pick the best outfit during their few minutes of break time of the conference. They also had a variety of interactive games held during the break.



Day 02: Sri Lankan Themed Dinner

The evening of simplistic beauty and authentic Sri Lankan feels with true taste of Sri Lanka piled up together for a perfect dinner event. The setup was ready, the crowd began to walk in to the venue group by group, couple by couple in that beautifully hand made traditional Sri Lankan Batik outfits they picked. The wow’d faces the second they walk in was truly amazing. They knew they had more to see! Two counters beside the entrance for the stunning ladies and handsome men. They could pick a bead necklace and a temple flower hair clip with a choice of different colors to match their dress. The men could pick out a palm leaf hat in Lankan style!

The night continued with Traditional Sri lankan dance and drum acts, fire dancers, mask dancers and delicious Sri lankan food followed by a karoake session that pumped up the energy even more!

Day 03: Conference


The third day, started off their conference with a highly energetic Angampora act. Agampora is a Sri Lankan martial art from the ancient times.

Day 03: Dinner

Later, that evening they had their dinners arranged in three different restaurants. The guests could pick any place of their choice for dinner! A dinner event is always not just about delicious food. What makes it a memory is the fun you have at a dinner! We brought fun to this dinner from mehendi artists, a tarot reader, a palm reader and of course  to add some magic, an illusionist! They were performed at each of these restaurants in turns throughout the night!

Day 04: Conference

The next morning, the final day of the conference. The conference started off early with an energizing drum act by a famous drum troupe in Sri Lanka.

Day 04: RCOE 2018, Awards Night

Later, the most awaited event for the entire team of HSBC was the RCOE 2018, MENAT Awards Night!

RCOE 2018 began in style! A complete black tie dinner at the Grand ballroom of Shangri – la Hambantota. by A graceful peacock dancer, a devil mask dancer, Kandyan Bride, A nilame and a Kandyan Wes dancer beautifully dressed up to showcase the Sri Lankan culture while posing for pictures at the event was one of the highlights. Awards were given away, speeches given and pictures taken. It was a picture perfect event with beautifully dressed ladies and handsome men of HSBC having a memory of their lives! The amazing Voice Print – the best acapella band in Sri Lanka brought the night alive! More entertainment acts such as a dancing team from India and singers from Dubai too rocked the stage with their glam performances!


Day 05: Departure

The final day in Sri Lanka for HSBC team, they packed up their bags, had their breakfast and set off to the Bandaranaike International Airport in the coaches with hearts full of memories of an event in this beautiful island to cherish forever.


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