HSBC holds RCOE 2018 & MENAT Awards in Sri Lanka

HSBC Dubai held their annual conference/ gathering and awards night at the Shangri -La’s Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa. RCOE 2018 was held on the 2nd – 5th of April 2019.  A three day conference followed by dinner and entertainment was the event flow each day of the conference. This was a four day event along with the day of arrival.

The first day was the arrival of 300 delegates in four different groups that arrived the Bandaranaike International Airport. They were welcomed with a garland by four graceful Sri Lankan pooja dancers. Then, again welcomed at the  Shangri – La Hambantota separately one after the other  beautifully by Sri Lankan dancers who performed the traditional welcome dance. This was a energetic and very interactive performance by the dancers in elegant traditional outfits. The crowd were amazing and even danced along with dancers to the drum beats by the Lankan drummer.  Thereafter, a simple welcome dinner.

The second day was their conference. We managed to put up a batik dress counter for men and women with the options of different designs and colors of the traditional Sri Lankan outfits.


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