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2017 National Conference

2017 National Conference – “Return of the City: Mega Structures Redefined”

Sri Lanka Institute of Architects is proud to host their annual conference under the theme of “Return of the City: Mega Structures Redefined” on 15th February 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

You are warmly invited to partake at Sri Lanka National Conference organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Foreign Delegates who wish to participate in the National Conference can be participated in the Tour for significant Heritage sites which are rich in architectural values in Sri Lanka. Experience the different culture and life experiences!

Sri Lanka is heir to a bounteous historical and natural heritage. The historical heritage includes architectural marvels of the ancient Sinhala kingdoms and the foreign influence of nearly 500 years of Colonial rule. The islands pristine sundrenched beaches, the verdant rainforests, the lush tea gardens and the breathtaking views across mountains and valleys, the difference in climate from the hot, humid coast to the mild climes in the hill country can be experienced during the conference tour.

The program integrates the learning of Sri Lankan architecture, culture and puts emphasis in experiencing the architectural values in Sri Lanka.

Speakers :

  •  Ar. Gibson Rhie, KIRA, LEED AP
  •  Ar. Moshe Safdie
  •  Ar. Tomohiko Yamanashi
  •  Ar. Prof. Miki Desai
  •  Archt. Dr. Roland Silva
  •  Archt. D B Navaratne
  •  Mr. Nayana Mawilmada

  • Deadline:7th February 2017
    Location:Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Number of slot:20 People
    Date:15th & 16th February 2017
    Organizer:Sri Lanka Institutes of Architects & Colombo Conferences

    The basic schedule is as follows:

    The basic schedule is as follows


  •  This is a self-paid program. Cost of the program is USD 350.
  • Eligibility:

  • Student's Registration:

  • Students are requested to submit Identification of the University/Academic Institute which they represent at the entrance.
  • Benifits:

  • Student's Registration includes:

  • Inauguration Ceremony, Admission to the National Conference, Conference Kit, Lunch and Tea/ Coffee Breaks, Entry to the Exhibition, Member's Cocktail reception, Colombo City Tour, One Day Bawa Tour & Two Night Accommodation (shared) in a hotel in Colombo.

  • Application Process:

    Please use the below url to register for the conference.
    Buy Events Tickets Events Registration

    More information:

    For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/events/144698485996440 email us at gylc@colomboconferences.com or call us at +94115708908

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